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Under ConstructionWelcome!  I’m glad you’ve come.  So, in my head the launch day was going to be perfect.  I would click the proverbial “go” button and my blog was going to be set.  Of course, reality doesn’t always play nice with expectations.  As a result you may notice a few funky pictures (or lack of them) and a couple missing links as I jump around to arrange everything.  But, frankly, I’m just excited.

I’m excited because I have plans to share with you some of my best creativity.  To start the ball rolling I’ve begun recording the audiobook of Shadow Sport, with the first chapter posted.  Another project I’ll be doing is a weekly post of the first book I ever completed, Fractured (already the first chapter is here!).

So in the meantime as I get things ship shape I hope you’ll enjoy what is up and continue to come back to see more.

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