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Shadow Sport Audiobook – Chapter One

Shadow Sport Book 1

Shadow Sport Book 1

SHADOW SPORT by Ethan Cobb

What is the price of eternity?

When Vespa’s father mysteriously dies, her family uproots and moves to a small coastal town in Oregon. Vespa yearns to disappear from the gawking stares of her new classmates, except one. She’s intrigued by Ember, a fashionable, and charming student. But the deeper Vespa involves herself in Ember’s life, the darker his secrets become. As Vespa unravels more about Ember, she suspects there may be more to her father’s death. Then she finds herself caught in Shadow Sport—a celebration that will answer all her questions and awaken new nightmares.

Shadow Sport is approximately 53,000 words long, and contains riveting action like the Hunger Games and chilling monsters like Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

I hope you will enjoy as I create and weekly post a chapter from Shadow Sport.

Download Audio Here.

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