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If you like Young Adult Supernatural Thrillers, I’ve got titles you’re not going to want to put down.  Reader reviews have including: “full of action, adventure, and twists”, “leaving you wanting for more”, and “awaiting the next book with bated breath.”  Check out the titles to see what clicks for you, and see what everyone is talking about.

Thanks again for allowing me to share these novels with you.  I appreciate your support and feedback.

Ethan D. Cobb

Shadow Sport Trilogy

Shadow Sport Book 1

Shadow Sport Book 1

SHADOW SPORT by Ethan Cobb What is the price of eternity? When Vespa’s father mysteriously dies, her family uproots and moves to a small coastal town in Oregon. Vespa yearns to disappear from the gawking stares of her new classmates, except one. She’s intrigued by Ember, a fashionable, and charming student. But the deeper Vespa involves herself in Ember’s life, the darker his secrets become. As Vespa unravels more about Ember, she suspects there may be more to her father’s death. Then she finds herself caught in Shadow Sport—a celebration that will answer all her questions and awaken new nightmares. Shadow Sport contains riveting action like the Hunger Games and chilling monsters like Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

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Blood Promise 2

Blood Promise – Shadow Sport 2

Blood Promise – Shadow Sport 2: Revenge is a dish best served cold-blooded. Against all odds a year previous, Vespa escaped the vampires’ game of survival alive, and now she is back to getting through high school. Everything changes when she feels the presence of the undead and notices a new boy in her class. Soon she is entangled in a fight that will have consequences for not only her, but those she cares about. Vespa is about to find how far Queen Lilith will go for revenge. “The series just keeps getting better. I’ll be one of the first in line for the next book!”

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Ethan Cobb Story Collection

This collection contains six short stories by Ethan Cobb including:
Among the Little Fishes
Help Wanted—Dead or Alive
Last Rites
Neighborhood Watch
Butterflies and Hornets
Arrest Me, Please


What can a hero do when all the villains are gone?

Times are tough for the superhero. Easton just wants his chance to show his potential in a world over saturated with caped crusaders. What’s a hero to do when there’s no one left to fight?

This is a superhero comedic thriller.


Help Wanted – Dead or Alive – Required Attire: Suit, Tie…Sniper Rifle. Apply here.


Sometimes it’s hard to be a priest…when a slayer needs a holy man.
Weldon thought it would be another day of deep spiritual contemplation, until the vampire hunter showed up. Now there are so many questions the scriptures can’t answer: Do the undead deserve last rites? Is it really necessary to wear robes to a bloody slaying? Are all vampires unable to pronounce the letter W?

Thou shalt protect the flock from monsters.

This is a paranormal comedic thriller.


Neighborhood Watch – “Well, I suppose, it was last week I realized my neighbor was a serial killer.”


Jacob woke on Saturday knowing his relationship with his weird hippy witch girlfriend was over. The breakup was practically painless, until she showed up and cursed him.


When the policewoman walked out of the convenience store, the tongue-tied clerk knew he’d blown his only shot to get her number. Until he remembered that cops answer distress calls…like robberies.

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